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Tome Topple Round 13

I’m going to use Tome Topple to try and reinject my year with reading motivation. I seemed to take October and half of November off for a holiday from reading. I am close to reaching my goal for the year so I’m going to try and make the second half of November finish with a bang! Tome Topple is a readathon dedicated to reading long books, so anything over 500 pages counts!

Firstly – please forget you ever saw my November TBR post. I certainly am pretending I never wrote it, seeing as I abandoned it at first opportunity.

Once and Future Witches is one of my most anticipated books coming out in this cold season. I couldn’t resist picking it up for myself when I was feeling weak, so it’ll cover my most recently acquired tome prompt. It’s also over 500 pages and therefore counts as a tome, so it counts for the read one tome prompt.

I’ve also got the second book in The Dwarves series in to cover my tome that has been on my tbr the longest prompt. I read (technically re-read) the first book earlier in the year and didn’t enjoy the experience, so this is my second chance for the series. I’ve owned it since my teens so I really want to love it. If I decide to dnf, I will probably pick up The Riddle by Alison Croggon, another re-read from my teen years.

I would also love to read Jerusalem, as a non fiction pick. I like to pop one non fiction book into a tome topple tbr as a change of pace. This one has been on my tbr for a while, and after recently reading another book on a similar topic my interest has been renewed. It fills the prompts to read a tome in a genre I don’t usually read (I don’t read enough non-fiction), and read a tome in audiobook format.

And finally, my seasonally coloured tome is the absolutely gorgeous The Secret Commonwealth. The covers for this trilogy single-handedly made my appreciate the older style of bold gold text and heavy black lines on fantasy book covers. I ended up picking up His Dark Materials in the new printing of their original covers which I hated as a teen. That book is so pretty it made me re-evaluate my taste in art.

If I complete all four books, I’ll achieve the Scholar level. My other half has decided to join in with this round and is working through three hefty books to become a Sage. He doesn’t usually read so trying for three books in two weeks will be a challenge, but I’m sure he’ll do great.

Are you doing Tome Topple? How do you feel about big books?

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