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2020 reflections & 2021 goals

Since 2018 I have been watching my booktube favourites every week, and I always loved seeing them finish the year with a massive stack of books. I think the yearly stats video season is my favourite part of the online bookish community. So its only fair that I throw my hat in the ring to share my stats on my most ambitious reading year to date.

2020 reading goals:

  • Read 100 books (with a stretch goal of 125)
  • Read 24 non-fiction books
  • Make sure I’ve read 75% of my physical tbr by December 31st 2020
  • Complete up to 75% the r/fantasy bingo card

I’d never read 100 books before 2020, and if I’m honest I had mixed results when I think about how much I savoured the books I read. While I’m glad I joined in on the hype for one year and it really does feel like a massive success, there were a couple points in the year where I found myself rushing through books so fast I didn’t take them in and had to slow back down. It’s also meant that any progress with my goal to write better reviews has been shoved off to the back burner.

I also didn’t manage to complete my non-fiction goal because I was trying to prioritise books from my shelves, and the non-fiction I owned was not available on audio. Majority of my reading has been done via audiobook this year, which has never been the case before. Due to the pandemic I have been working from home and it has allowed me to listen to a book for much longer throughout the work day. This is a goal I’d like to keep on my list for 2021 because I have been really enjoying the non-fiction I did pick up. I will keep picking up non-fiction primarily as audiobooks as I found them much easier to read this way.

I have a stupidly large physical tbr, and majority of it had been languishing unread on my shelves for years. I knew I was excited for majority of the books waiting for me but I hadn’t made it a concrete priority of mine to tackle this beast. I have definitely demolished about 40-50% of my physical tbr this year, unfortunately I can’t give an exact percentage as my spreadsheet has been decommissioned and needs reconstructing.

My goal for the r/fantasy bingo card was to get to 75% completed, as the challenge runs from April 1st to the end of may each year. At the end of 2020, I had read 19 out of 25 squares which makes 76%. I still would like to finish my remaining six squares before the April deadline.


My primary goal to increase the percentage of books I owned which were read to 75% was a near miss for me in 2020. But I still improved my percentage by a lot over the course of 2020 so I can’t be disappointed with my progress. Reading is a marathon rather than a sprint, afterall.

That is the mantra I’d like to take away from 2020 in terms of my reading. At certain points of the year I was reading too fast to enjoy things properly, and even pushed myself through books I wasn’t enjoying all in the name of reducing this tbr. I will be re-assessing my goals in 2021 so I can focus on reviewing books in a meaningful way here and really enjoy what I read to the fullest extent I can.

2021 reading goals:

  • Read 100 books
  • Read 25 non-fiction books (pre-selected list of owned books)
  • Reduce my physical tbr by 50% by the end of the year
  • Post on my blog 2x per week, and get my netgalley percentage over 80%

I hope I can work on these goals over the year and use them to think more about the books I am reading and give them the care and attention they deserve. I don’t want to speed read through my tbr in 2021. One of my big goals for 2021 is to prioritise consistency on my blog.

How did you do in 2020? What are your 2021 goals?

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