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Mid-year Check In Tag

I obviously haven't been posting much this year so far, so I thought I'd try and cover my reading so far in 2021 by doing this tag. Hopefully I can give you the highlights and show you what I've been reading. Best book you’ve read so far in 2021? I've read 5 five star books… Continue reading Mid-year Check In Tag

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January wrap up & February TBR

January was a strange month, but it ended up being very good for my reading goals. I set myself a tbr of 6 books from my bookshelves and 4 arcs. I managed to read 5 of my owned books and 3 of those arcs, and an additional 4 other books to bring my January total… Continue reading January wrap up & February TBR


January TBR

Its that time again to share the books I am planning on reading over the next 31 days. I decided to rethink how I used monthly tbrs and what aspects would work for me when looking to achieving my goals. The structure of a tbr keeps me motivated in a month to read all the… Continue reading January TBR

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2020 reflections & 2021 goals

Since 2018 I have been watching my booktube favourites every week, and I always loved seeing them finish the year with a massive stack of books. I think the yearly stats video season is my favourite part of the online bookish community. So its only fair that I throw my hat in the ring to share my stats on my most ambitious reading year to date.

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Tome Topple Round 13

I'm going to use Tome Topple to try and reinject my year with reading motivation. I seemed to take October and half of November off for a holiday from reading. I am close to reaching my goal for the year so I'm going to try and make the second half of November finish with a bang! Tome Topple is a readathon dedicated to reading long books, so anything over 500 pages counts!

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Review: The Little Friend by Donna Tartt

August 2020 was not going well for me in terms of reading - I'd lost steam about 10 days into the month and never managed to make it back. For a last ditch effort to regain some enthusiasm I decided to read whatever my heart desired and abandon my tbr. I wanted something dark like… Continue reading Review: The Little Friend by Donna Tartt