blether breakdown

Blether Breakdown: Patched

I’ve been away from the blog for months, not intentionally, but because I was struggling in the pandemic to keep myself feeling energised for blogging. Weirdly it wasn’t until I picked up hobbies that has nothing to do with reading that I felt like I had energy for blogging again. I did read a lot over the pandemic, but that has dropped off in the past few months, so having alternate hobbies that are less time-consuming really helped.

So now I’m back and hopefully ready to get back into posting, I have a lot of Net galley reviews to catch up on and even more new releases to get to. So I thought I’d ease myself back into the rhythm of blogging with a blether breakdown.

patched, or as I said it where I was growing up, dinghied, is to be left behind or abandoned

So naturally I thought I’d use this blog post as an opportunity to talk about books I’ve DNF’d or put down after a few pages. I don’t put books down too often, I should do it a little more, so I don’t have a large selection of books to pull from. Most of the books I’ve put down I reached a breaking point where I couldn’t bear to read any more, just like the third book in the Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks.

My history with Brent Weeks had me thinking I’d love his series. A friend got me the Night Angel trilogy in school, which I read and adored. The same friend picked up the first few books in Week’s next series, Lightbringer. Before tackling Lightbringer I decided to re-read the Night Angel trilogy and was upset to find out that it didn’t hold up for me. So I proceeded onto the Lightbringer series to see how it would work for me. I read the first two and a half books, but while the world and magic were fascinating and there were definitely plot points I’d like to know the resolution of, the writing choices ended up leading me to DNF.

I found the negative focus on Kip’s body really detracting from the plot. He goes through a transformation over the first book mainly where he trains learning magic and as a result loses weight. But the whole time, from multiple points of view, his body is one of the main things people comment on, and it’s always negative. Then the writing of women just grated on my nerves. The main female characters are all looked at as sex objects first over anything else. That was something that bugged me in the Night Angel trilogy, so it was disappointing to have the same issue again.

This DNF was a surprise, because the summary of Brother Red had me really interested and the first couple chapters really did grab my attention. And who could resist that cover? This is by far the nicest cover I’ve ever DNF’d, and it alone makes me want to re-try. It’s very possible I’ll try it again in the future.

This book is a standalone, but it marries into the wider universe Selby is creating with his other books. This universe has a lot of unique names and fantasy language styles to get used to and unfortunately in this case I couldn’t get over the hump.

This was another case where I couldn’t get into the writing choices. The narrative voice is very overdramatic and repetitive, and I hated it. Like nails on a chalkboard level of hatred.

I don’t think I’ll try this series again, but I’m always sad when a popular series doesn’t end up working for me.

This was simply a mismatch between the reader and the book. I added this to my wish list shelf because the blurb sounded exciting. But I’m not sure how I ignored the Roman inspiration because it’s not exactly subtle.

I haven’t ever gelled with books that are set in that style of setting if it is historical or fantastical, so I just ignored my own preferences when I picked up the book.

Do you DNF a lot? What’s the last book you DNF’d and why?

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